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BASTION are architectural physical security specialists, with primary expertise in mitigating:

• Determined Forced Entry
• Robbery
• Ballistic Attack
• Bomb Blast

Bastion began life in the late 1970’s, developing practical solutions to meet the evolving threats from criminality and terrorism. Changes to the threat landscape, have driven innovation, development and testing of new and market leading solutions. This hallmark of Bastion continues today.

Our range of Modular room building and partitioning systems are at the forefront of our offering, but we retain a full capability for bespoke or ‘one-off’ projects.

Please contact us in confidence if you have a project planned or underway.

Modular Systems
Containerised Solutions
Bespoke Projects
Bastion Weapons Rack
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Bastion Modular Systems.

Bastion has four, accredited, room-building / walling and partitioning systems, that marry off-site construction of panels with on-site, bolt-together, assembly.
In addition, Storage Cabinets can also be produced from all of these systems, with limits on minimum dimensions.
This approach avoids the delays and costs of traditional construction methods, whilst providing a consistent security performance.
Bastion’s systems are collectively unique in delivering:
  • The highest security ratings of any comparable system (A.C.E. and G5)
  • A unique ability to be dismantled, re-built / extended / reduced in future
  • A durable and long-life (50 years) asset, if operated and maintained in accordance with the guidance provided.
  • The slimmest panel thickness at only 50 mm

We provide a range of options to meet varying risk levels and are happy to look innovatively at unusual or challenging projects. Please talk to us if you are unclear as to the system rating you should use.

Containerised Solutions.

Shipping containers provide anonymity, weathertightness, ease of movement, at relatively low cost and we are all familiar with these basic benefits.
Bastion pioneered highest level security, containerised storage and SCIF facilities in the UK. Beware of inferior imitations! 
We completely insulate and line-out inside, using our BastionWALL A.C.E  high security room building system, provide recessed power-in /out commando connections, air-con, dehumidification and heaters.  
Additionally, state-of-the art EMC mitigation and TEMPEST compliance can be incorporated into the SCIF facilities.
We offer three basic, high security, containerised solutions:
  • SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility)
  • Armoury and Ammo storage
  • Classified material vault
Before adaptation, the basic container options are:
  • Single end opening 10’, 20’ and 40’
  • Double end opening 20’ and 40’
  • Side and end opening 20’ and 40’
The BastionWALL A.C.E modular system is factory installed inside the container and uniquely, this system meets CPNI and MoD security requirements outside or inside the container, meaning in future, the security facility can be relocated out of the container somewhere else. No other system can do this. 
The BastionWALL A.C.E system panels are also ballistically rated to EN1063 BR6, uniquely providing defence in forward deployment operation theatres. 
The Bastion system is also the thinnest at 50 mm wall thickness, meaning we maximise internal space. 
And our extraordinarily flexible attachment arrangement for fitments, allows for highly efficient use of space. 
Please contact us for more details. 

Bespoke Projects.

Some physical security problems are not easily solved with standard, off-the-shelf solutions. 
Whether this is because of access difficulties, complex penetrations, a need to upgrade rather than replace, or a special design requirement, we can help, by:
  • Adapting existing products
  • Deploying special materials and techniques 
  • Providing an end -to-end design, sourcing, manufacture and installation service 
  • Providing all necessary certificates of testing, material compliance to standards, or consultancy reports, for the O&M manual
  • Warranting our work

Example projects

1. Terrorism

Project G. was a requirement to supply and install some 150 linear metres of armour steel panels to 2.8m high, as a defensive shield against a potential terrorist attack, on a newly constructed building.

  • No fixing holes could be made in the steel panels
  • Ensuring bullets could not pass through between adjacent panels
  • Securing each panel without the use of fixing holes in the steel
  • Providing a secure attachment for acoustic panelling over the top of the steel, again, without any holes in the steel and not using adhesive.
We designed an innovative attachment arrangement for the inter-panel cover strips and the acoustic panelling, which was mechanically and ballistically tested for efficacy.
We also designed a floor anchoring arrangement and top of panel retaining bracket, which would handle panel weight and prevent toppling and provide a whole-of-life secure attachment of the armour wall to the structure.
Our design ideas were approved for use by the client’s external consulting engineers before proceeding to manufacture.

2. Safety Threat

A prominent British F1 team required a protected testing facility, where a risk from sub-sonic, high-mass debris existed. The requirement was for walls, unique double-doors and a bespoke 2m x 1m viewing window.
Knowledge of transparent armour options led to a window design based on blast mitigation, with a toughened glass first pane, separated by a significant air-gap from a second, laminated pane. The separation space provided vital acoustic mitigation also. 
To prove the design, a very large capacity compressed-air receiver tank was fitted with a plastic drainage-pipe barrel, into which a sabot carried a chunk of debris. This giant ‘air-gun’ was designed to deliver the projectile at the required velocity from a specified distance. The velocity used had a safety factor added.
After some trial shots, the debris was fired at the prototype window, which successfully retained it, confirming our design thinking.
Some of the World’s top motorsport names have no doubt viewed technical testing through this very special window. 
  • This was a unique performance requirement with no off-the-shelf solution
  • The test gun had to be designed and manufactured
  • The acoustic and impact performance of the viewing window, were equally non-negotiable
  • Creation of a complete armoured lining to an existing test room
  • Unique double doors for equipment access
  • Compatibility with existing interior modular wall system
  • Highly Confidential facility

3. High Value Robbery Threat

There are few more iconic or important historical moments than the Magna Carta, a Royal Charter of Rights by King John of England and his Noblemen in 1215, which became the basis of legal systems all over the World. 
Only four copies of the estimated 250 original documents produced remain, with the best preserved being kept in Lincoln Castle.  
A first draft of the Magna Carta was produced in St. Albans Abbey in 1213 and on the 800th anniversary of this event, the Lincoln Castle document was displayed inside St. Albans Cathedral in the summer of 2013. 
With an estimated insurance value of £30 million (although irreplaceable), security was paramount. 
Bastion were entrusted to contain the Magna Carta inside a CPNI Approved room, during its period of public display. 
  • The only permitted access point to the display location in the North Transept, was through two mediaeval doorways and an internal lobby
  • There is a 1m drop in floor level from the outside pathway to the Cathedral floor
  • The floor had to be protected from the 4000 kgs load of the secure room
  • The path outside is barely the width of a vehicle and had auspicious graves close to its edge
  • No daytime working was allowed 
  • The Magna Carta is highly susceptible to damage by bright light and humidity
  • The Cathedral does not offer the level of security needed for such a priceless artefact
  • A 4m x 5m x 2.4m room with a single door would be supplied on-hire
  • By designing a special ramp and using narrow track vehicles with  winches installed,  the modular system panels and all equipment, were gently delivered into position on special trolleys that fitted through the small doors
  • The floor was protected by 20mm plywood with special under-cushioning material to distribute the weight and protect the mediaeval floor tiles
  • Room assembly took place over five nights when the Cathedral was closed so as not to disturb the busy daytime activities 
  • The inside of the room was painted matt black to remove light scatter
  • An air-con system was installed to maintain the desired temperature and humidity
  • A state-of-the-art alarm system and CCTV surveillance was added to complete the security arrangement. 

High Security Doors.

Our LPS 1175 Issue 8 G5 single and double doorsets are available as standalone products or as part of a modular room building system.
Featuring the new Surelock McGill G5-LG05 cylinder guard allied with a slimline lock with blast uprated bolts, these all-new doorsets represent the highest security protection available from a conventional hinged design.
Both single and double leaf designs have a steel strap threshold for ease of access.
Please contact us for further information on the specific performances of our products.

Complementary Products & Services.

In addition to our defined products, we can also offer the following, directly, or in conjunction with supplier-partners.

  • Bastion Weapons Racking System
  • ATM Enclosures
  • High Security Grilles
  • High Security Cabinets

Bastion Weapons Racking System

ATM Enclosures

High Security Grilles & Cabinets

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