R&D Testing
and Certification

R&D Testing
and Certification.

Designs, products and materials, meant to protect lives and high value assets, must conform to the highest standards and this requires rigorous independent testing by accredited test laboratories and facilities. 
Structural designs are undertaken / approved by reputable consultant structural engineers.
The standards our products are typically tested to are as follows:
  • Home Office / CPNI defined testing from 3 kgs. TNT equivalent up to 100 kgs.
  • Stand-off distances from 3m to 15 m
  • Special tests using defined ordnance (e.g. DTG 5 grenade surrogate, PAS 300 and VSAG 12 standards)
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  • BS476
    Ahead of laboratory testing of our systems in 2023, overcladding provides compliance with structural and insulation performance standards. Please contact us for more information.
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Please contact us for further information on the specific performances of our products. 

Determined Forced Entry

Ballistics Testing

Ballistic Testing 1

Ballistic Testing 2

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Blast Testing

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